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A very comprehensive portfolio of products utilising various thickeners, base fluids and a range of additives. Most are produced in numerous NLGI consistencies and can be supplied dyed different colours according to customer requirements.

Standard greases include:

  • Lithium, VMLG – Moly Lithium, VGLG – Graphited Lithium
  • Lithium Complex
  • Calcium
  • Calcium Complex
  • Bentone , VMBG – Moly Bentone
  • Sodium
  • Polyurea
  • Barium Complex
  • Aluminium Complex
  • Silicone – VMSG Moly Silicone VGSG – Graphited Silicone
  • Silica
  • PTFE

All the above are available in all NLGI numbers with moly, graphite or PTFE. All are available with mineral oil bases or manufactured from various synthetic base stocks or natural oils according to required performance characteristics and applications, including extremes of temperature, high pressures and loading, water resistance, food safe, plastics and component compatibility, conductivity, high speed, noise reduction, clean room, radiation resistance, biodegradability, low toxicity, anti corrosion, longlife and sealed for life applications.

Special greases include:

  • BC 2S - fully synthetic high speed barium complex grease
  • Sil – Lith – lithium and complex lithium thickened silicone and phenyl methyl silicone based greases
  • Block Grease – NLGI 5 sodium base
  • PFPE / PTFE thickened greases for extremes of temperature and chemical resistance
  • Fluorsil Ultra – fluorosilicone based greases
  • No4 Calcium Grease – for water pump applications
  • Silver filled conductive grease
  • PAG G2 – non-carbonising ultra high temperature grease up to 600°C
  • Anti rust grease
  • Red Rubber Grease – for o-ring lubrication and hydrocarbon resistance
  • C A Hammer Grease – for pneumatic and breaker hammer chisels
  • Chuck Grease – uniform load carrier
  • LCTS – extreme low cold test grease -70°C
  • LZO Grease – highly water repellent marine and offshore grade
  • Non Conductive Grease
  • Pin and Bush Grease
  • Bio–R – biodegradable greases
  • CV Grease – for heavily loaded constant velocity joints
  • GC3 – gas cock grease
  • HTS Grease – fully synthetic clay thickened high temperature
  • Thermester – fully synthetic non-clay thickened high temperature

What We Do

  • Full Line Grease Manufacturers
  • Producers of Stable Colloidal Dispersions
  • High Performance Industrial Lubricants
  • Speciality Lubricants – Manufactured tailor made to order

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