Anti seize compounds and assembly pastes

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Anti seize compounds and assembly pastes include:

  • Aluminium Anti Seize
  • Copper Anti Seize – available in a range of colours and NLGI consistencies
  • Nickel Anti Seize
  • Chrome Anti Seize
  • A.S. White – food grade non-staining
  • R5 Moly Anti Seize – high density anti scuffing paste
  • Modified Thread Compound – oilfield grade manufactured to API 5A2
  • Casplex – copper based oilfield compound for the entire drill string
  • Zn50% Drill Collar Compound – zinc based product for drill rod threads and casing
  • API Lead 60 – 60% lead for gas tight seal
  • Non-Metallic Thread Compound NM – TC – metal free product
  • NM – Bio-D – metal free biodegradable compound for use in areas of environmental concern

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